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Value Added Courses

Name of the course: Entrepreneurship in Textile Craft (University recognized certificate course)

The Course is designed to help students start their own small business.

  • To impart skills for designing and developing products through techniques of surface ornamentation.

  • To give students knowledge to help them enter and sustain market competition in trade of their product.

  • To help students to develop entrepreneurial skills in the field of textile and fashion technology.

Eligibility Std XII or equivalent
Duration: 24 sessions
Total No. of seats: 30
Fees Rs. 3500/-


Name of the course: Cultural and Heritage management

  • To provide a broad understanding of the basic principles of management related to Travel and Tourism Industry.

  • To provide students with supervisory skills and competencies necessary to meet the challenges of the ever-demanding Travel and Tourism industry.

  • To enable student, develop a sound understanding of current theory and concepts of cultural and heritage tourism

  • To develop critical thinking, creative problem solving and decision-making skills.

  • To enrich students with knowledge, skills and appropriate attitude in tourism management.


The eligibility for admission to the Add - On Course "Cultural and Heritage Management" is higher secondary, graduates or its equivalent examination pass with 45% score.

In-take capacity: 30 - 35 candidates per batch.

Duration: 6 months. Each session will be of three hours conducted three days per week.

Credits: 400 marks .12 credits.

Fees: Rs. 5,000/- (Six Thousand per student)


Name of the course: Nutrition & Exercise for Fitness (University recognized certificate course)

  • To introduce a career oriented and skill enhancing course on nutrition for fitness.

  • To impart knowledge regarding importance of nutrition and exercise for physical, psychological, social and spiritual fitness of an individual.

  • To impart and develop intellectual as well as physical skills among the students in the planning and execution of exercise and nutritional principles for fitness management.

  • To understand the importance of alternative therapies in the overall fitness of an individual.

  • To enable the students develop entrepreneurial abilities in the field of fitness.

Eligibility Students of PG Diploma in Dietetics and T.Y.B.Sc
Duration: 3 Months
Course Commencement: 1st August
Total No. of seats: 30
Fees Rs. 3500/-


Workstation Design and Applied Ergonomics

Ergonomics is a branch of science that focuses on optimizing the relationships between workers and their work environment. This certificate course focuses on the applications of ergonomics and the health and safety of the worker. The course consists of lectures on how knowledge of ergonomics can be applied to developing workstations to suit the worker and thus enhance productivity.

Please see course syllabus for additional information.

  • Study methods and techniques for job and workstation evaluation and thus enable students to identify potential hazards that contribute to work-related musculoskeletal disorders

  • Understand how to design workspaces for a diverse work population.

  • Learn how to design work environments that prevent excessive exposure to light, heat, noise and vibration

  • provide students with practical experience using some of the methodologies


A candidate, for being eligible for admission to such certificate courses, shall have enrolled himself/herself with the University of Mumbai and taken admission to any of the undergraduate or post graduate courses under faculty of science in the constituent/affiliated colleges/ recognised institutions of the University of Mumbai offering Ergonomics as one of the subjects in the programme.

A candidate, who has already successfully passed the B.Sc. or M.Sc. CRM/FRM degree of this university or any other university equivalent thereto, shall be eligible to enrol himself/herself for such certificate courses being conducted in the constituent/affiliated colleges/recognised institutions of the University of Mumbai.

A candidate, who is regular student, shall pursue such Certificate Courses simultaneously while he/she is studying for his/her B.Sc. or M.Sc. degree of University of Mumbai.


Visual Merchandising ((University Recognized Certificate Course)


This course is designed to aid students:

  • To impart skills of Visual Merchandising

  • To help students to independently set up merchandise in optimal and creative ways to face competition and achieve best market shares.

Eligibility Std XII or equivalent
Duration: 24 sessions
Total No. of seats: 30

Indian Sign Language Course

An Orientation Course in Indian Sign Language (ISL) has been conducted in the college since August 2013. The course co-ordinator is Ms. Rhonda Divecha. This course has an 80-hour curriculum and registers only 15 students as the teaching method is highly interactive. Classes are held twice a week for two hours each day. The teacher is a deaf person himself, as the AYJNIHH institute believes that any language is taught best by its native user.

Objectives of the ISL Course

On completion of this course the students will:

  • Understand the basic nature of sign language i.e. the myths about sign language, features and characteristic of sign language, and interpreting.

  • Be able to sign basic vocabulary of about 400+ words.

  • Be able to make simple sentences / questions from the words.


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