Core Courses for Ph.D Scholars and other Researchers


Name of the course: Research Methods and Statistics Course for Doctoral Students
  in Home Science


Objective of Course:

To provide doctoral students with an overview of quantitative research methods, statistics, SPSS and qualitative methods.


Duration & Periodicity of Course:

6 months – this includes one 3 – hour class per week for 20 weeks (5 months) followed by the completion of a research project and assignments for each of the four papers in the 6th month.


Format of Course:

4 theory papers of 15 hours each and one research project.
  • Quantitative Research Methods.
  • Statistics.
  • SPSS.
  • Qualitative Research Methods.
Total marks

250 (50 marks x 5 papers)

Venue College of Home Science, Nirmala Niketan.
Fees Rs. 7,000/-.



Total teaching hours - 15

No. of sessions - 5 (each of 3 hours)

Marks - 50

Saturday - 1.00 pm to 4.00 pm or 1,30 to 4.30 pm.


Brief outline of syllabus:

  • Role of statistics in quantitative research, descriptive vs inferential st., variables.
  • Descriptive st. for interval & ratio level variables and introduction to probability.
  • Probability- types of distribution, types of errors, point vs interval estimation.
  • Using stats to contrast phenomena.
  • Using stats to examine relationship between phenomena.

Fee Revision for Ph.D Course

  • First Year - Rs. 24,095/-
  • Second Year and Third Year - Rs. 21,570/-
  • Final Year - Rs.22,470/-

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